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The Pedi Queen: Amanda Carlin

Getting your nails done is not just pampering, it’s good self-care. Looking good leads to feeling
good and there is nothing bad about feeling good. I used to get my nails done every two weeks
and loved that rush of positive feeling that came with a new set that looked on point, you know
what I mean?
Then, like it so often does, life threw me a curve ball. I developed rheumatoid arthritis and
needed some extra care when getting my nails done. I needed a gentler touch and more time
for the service because my hands needed a break. While I loved my nail technician she just
couldn’t fulfill my needs. And it wasn’t her fault, it was the nature of the industry. Time is money
and the longer you take to do a service for one person the less amount of services you can
Because I didn’t want to give up that feeling of getting my nails done I did what any person
would do and bought a kit to do them myself. Like any new venture, it was a mess in the
beginning but little by little I got better and learned that I loved doing nails. I did my own for
years when I finally decided to go to school and get my license.
Now, I’m a fully licensed nail technician. I want everyone that comes to me to feel like more than
just another dollar in my wallet. I want them to feel that not only is their artistic vision met but
that their needs are met as well. Maybe you need more time on your service for any number of
reasons. I want to give you that. I want you to feel heard and seen. Come get your nails done
with me and let me make you feel like the VIP you are.

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