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Instructor: PMU Brows 

My Name is Chheng Mulligan. I’ve been a permanent brow makeup artist since 2015. As a young girl, I’ve always been interested in beauty and art. I’ve also discovered that teaching was part of my  passion. During my college years, I majored in Art and Elementary Education. I’ve moved in many directions in my life and now I’ve found something that I love to do which is teaching permanent makeup. I’m including all of my knowledge into my career and enjoying the journey.
In addition, after graduating college I tutored kids in the Chicago Public Schools for my clinical experiences. Even though I enjoyed teaching kids, I’ve always wanted to do something where I am self-employed. When I completed Ombré Brow and Nano Brow courses. I’ve been working consistently on my techniques since 2019. During my free time, I’ve practiced on skin sheets and models to improve my skills. When I’m not working or practicing, I enjoy spending time with my husband and two little kids.
Furthermore, I’ve created a company that I’ve named Face Makers PMU as a part of my social media appearance and my Studio’s name. My meaning of “Face Makers PMU” is for people or students who believe in creating and making art with permanent makeup. I’ve partnered up with Bibi Hernandez at One Stop Beauty School to continue my passion and interest with teaching PMU art. My role as an instructor for permanent makeup is to help beginners and other PMU artists achieve and perfect the skill. I am here to bring value to those who want to learn, improve, and follow their passions as I’ve followed mine.

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