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Venting Nails LLC
By Cecilia Hernandez

Hello! My Name is Cecilia. 

My true passion for beautiful nails started 20 years ago. I had a variety of nail polishes and would do my friends' nails. As I graduated High School I was faced with reality. I gave up my passion and traded it years later for the corporate world. For years, I would indulge in getting my nails done at the salon faithfully every 2-3 weeks. I made the mistake as many of us have done by popping them off and damaging my real nails. Ten years ago, I was introduced to Gel Polish No Chip Manicures. I fell in love with the long lasting effect and vibrant colors. I purchased many brands and realized which were worth investing in. In 2022, I started taking in clients as a side hustle which brought my passion back in full effect. Fast forward to 2023, as my corporate career ended my journey in the world of beauty began professionally. My passion is alive and stronger than ever. Teaching the world the importance of self care with something so simple as taking time to get your nails done. The feeling you have when you look down at your hands and for a moment you smile because your personality is reflected on your nails. I know deep down inside I am meant to help people and I will achieve that one nail at a time. 


I created Venting Nails as a safe space and Judgment Free Zone. A space to converse and feel free as you take time for Self Care. The intention is to keep your nails beautiful and healthy so you can return for a refresh not just for repair. The Prep and quality of the products used will surely be the key to a long lasting manicure. Each brand I chose I have used on myself and believe it is truly the best. Together let’s choose the best option for your nails.


I am a click or call away when you are ready to start our “Nail Bond”.



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