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Committed to Your Future

Earn your license to do nails, eyelashes and eyebrows! Learn from our salon experience--from technical skills to design to salon secrets. Under Bibi's mentorship, you will gain confidence to work in a salon or forge your own path to build your empire.

The new way of life after the pandemic has allowed us to design our curriculum to fit every schedule! Our hybrid learning will encompass both eLearning and in-person training.  Theoretical requirements will be done through our online platform.  Practical requirements will be done in person. Demonstration workshops will be planned accordingly to the schedule your committed to your training. Student salon appointments are required for success.


One Stop Beauty School aims to empower women and men to embrace their creative power and harness it, to help others feel beautiful.  This in turn will boost their confidence and motivation towards success.  In a vastly connected world through social media, we are very disconnected.  The beauty industry is one of the few industries that still provide one-on-one, direct personal contact. Become a beauty professional and connect with others!

Register today for an affordable alternative to college education.  The facility has an open space design to also host advanced certification classes by nationally recognized artists, making them accessible to the Chicago market.  We promote the importance of high industry standards through product training and continuing education.  This will promote quality workmanship throughout the careers of our school’s graduates.

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