About One Stop Beauty School

This Is How Our Story Began

One Stop Beauty School is an expansion from the well-established and successful One Stop Salon.  One Stop Salon was made possible by sisters, Kim and Amy, and their 20 years savings. They came to America as Vietnamese refugees and worked at various jobs without the advantage of language or resources. They came with nothing. Through hard work and determination, they acquired their first homes, sent four children to college, and invested in real estate.  In 2011, they invested in a foreclosed property on the West Side of Chicago that was transformed into One Stop Salon.  With its success as the neighborhood’s favorite go to spot, for providing exceptional customer service, the best lashes, brows, nails and hair services, the next step is to expand, share the knowledge and to help the next generation of beauty professionals realize their potential to build the same success. One Stop Beauty Salon, Inc. was built on the integrity and selflessness that we learned from our two mothers, Kim and Amy. They are the epitome of hard work and integrity.  We want to share our knowledge to help others pull themselves out of their own life’s challenge and achieve success.


Meet Our Team

Bibi Hernandez

Kinte Jones

Olivia Fleming

Noelle Smith

Founder & Instructor

Celebrity Artist/Instructor



I aim to be the best wife, mother, educator and trailblazer--I work hard to thrive!

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I am a cosmetologist, nail technician, esthetician and educator--in addition to being a wife.  I look forward to the limitless possibilities of the future in all avenues of life!

Constantly striving for growth.  I am always ready to assist and cater to everyone's unique talents.